Towards a better WEEE plastics valorization and European DEEE law enforcement via sorting optimization thanks to LIBS technology.


The WEEELIBS project is in progress since june 2012 in the CRITT Matériaux Alsace and the IVEA Company for 31 months: WEEELIBS, LIFE11-ENV-FR-762.


This project consists in building a demonstrator for WEEE plastic sorting during their manual dismantling. This demonstrator uses the LIBS technology which will enable to identify the different polymers and their additives (RoHS).


The project objectives is to prove that it is possible to equip the companies (including SMEs) dealing with WEEE plastic sorting with a machine which will let them :
-respect the European legislation dealing with WEEE plastic sorting (2012/19/UE about DEEE and 2011/65/UE about RoHS detection).
-identify the plastics during an upstream manual dismantling step for sorting.


The companies could offer plastics fractions of high homogeneity, in compliance with the law, with a high valorization potential instead of an illegal and low value plastic mixed output.

 Here is a video of presentation of the project :



With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community.